Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding

Adults and kids, we all love pudding. Especially when it’s will made! Check out my recipe for a mind blowing banana pudding! You won’t believe how good this tastes.
You’ll Need:
1 (14 ounce) can of Eagle brand condensed milk.
1 ½ cups of cold water.
3 ½ ounces of instant banana pudding mix.
1 pint of heavy whipping cream.
Sliced banana.
Vanilla wafer.

How to:
In a bowl, mix together the condensed milk, water and pudding mix until well combined then refrigerate to chill.
Beat the heavy whipping cream in a bowl and mix it with the pudding mixture.
In a dish, place a layer of Nilla wafers and top with sliced banana. Spread the creamy pudding over the bananas and repeat the layers.
Refrigerate until serving time.

Simple, easy and creamy! This yummy banana pudding will take your breath away! I decorate it with some bananas and nilla wafers.